Beta update, HERE!!🎉

This month’s public patreon post: 

Hello guys! BIG UPDATE TIME! The Arena Circus chapter 4 beta has just received a new update! Do you know what this means?

  • Over 33,000 words of new content!
  • 2 new CGs
  • Tons of scenes to unlock
  • Eat meals with your favorite characters! The more you spend time with them, the more they'll open up!
  • 3 new quests, all with multiple endings!
  • A new post office system!

All patrons have access to the AC beta. I'm super excited to bring this update to you. However keep in mind that this is still just a beta, so all assets are not final! I'll slowly be adding in more CGs as I go along. 

As I continue to update the beta and add more scenes, areas that might seem sparse now will fill up more. Also, there isn't a whole lot in the shop just yet. BUT, as you've seen, I'll be doing a PUBLIC livestream next week, during which I'll be taking viewer requests and drawing new clothes. Everyone is welcome! 

Vote here on a day that works for you. I'd like to hear your feedback on the gameplay! It's different from the previous chapters in subtle ways, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on how I can improve it. 

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"post office"? letters? love letters? :)

So far I only have plans to implement writing to past characters, but we'll see!