AC Devlog 11/9

Hello all! 

I'm going to try and start doing weekly develops to keep everyone appraised of my progress and hold myself accountable for my goals. Mondays seem to be a good day because I get the  most done over the weekend. 

So here's my report!




2 Natalia x LIlie scenes

1 Lilie x Aldrich scene


None /2


None / 0 

I've hired a BG artist to help me with future AC backgrounds—meaning backgrounds for chapters 5 and 6. Afterwards, I'll have them redo the original backgrounds .I know that some people like the backgrounds and they do have their own charm, but they were my first attempts at background art and they don't fit my dream for the finished game. 

The original backgrounds will still be in the free version of Arena Circus, so don't worry!

This week's plan

I'll be adding one scene every day this week, which will finish up the freedom scenes for chapter 4. I usually do polls on twitter to decide what scenes to add, so follow me on @capminyan if you'd like to vote!

By the way! Lilith Hall is out! This prequel follows Natalia and reveals more of her backstory. Get it here:

By the way! Did you know that patrons of Harlevin have been able to play the chapter 4 beta for months now? Become a patron  for as low as $1 a month and instantly get access to the most recent build of Arena Circus, which includes:

40 days of chapter 4

101,000 words

9 CGs 

5 new quests

All the money I receive from Patreon goes straight back into my VN development. Currently it's being used to pay a composer to create a brand new OST for Arena Circus. 

Also, as the new sprites are completed, higher tier patrons will get access to exclusive bonus outfit packs! 

That's all for this week, folks! Thanks for your continued support.

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