A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A visual novel set in a fantasy world where appearance is everything and humans are at the bottom of the totem pole. A disowned prince and a sickly human who got a second chance at life rebel against a corrupt monarchy.

In the Arena Circus universe physically superior beings knowns as reavers rule over high society and have established a strict caste system, with humans at the bottom. In order to have any sort of nice lifestyle the humans seek out strong reavers and allow themselves to be bonded as a Harlequin. Some humans are used as servants, jesters, pleasure slaves, but most are forced to duel in arena-styled tournaments.

Try Lilith Hall, an Arena Circus spin off game.

+ A story filled with drama, comedy, romance, and two distinct branches, with several possible endings. Which side will you choose?

+ Complete side quests to earn money and shop for clothes. 

+ An immersive world to explore, with a colorful cast of characters who all have different world views. Decide who you want to build deeper relationships with. Making friends unlocks new opportunities and different endings for scenes.  

+Two characters you can play as, one male one female. Both of them are bisexual.

+3 possible romances, G x G, G x B, B x B

+ A battle system featuring timed choices. Winning or losing affects the story.

+ 6 chapters

+ 40 CGs (tentative number)

+ Main character sprites with clothing available for the head, torso, leg and feet, as well as accessories.

Arena Circus is released chapter by chapter. Currently, 3/6 chapters are available. 

Current version 4.93

3/6 chapters of Lilie's route (only, Aldrich currently unavailable) Rating: 16+ for: language, violence, some gore, disturbing themes, sexual themes

Gameplay time: 4 + hours 

90,000 + words 

20 +CGs 

38+ clothing items

The chapter 4 beta is available for patrons. It currently features:

10 days of chapter 4

45,000 + words

7 CGs 

3 new quests 

Next build (Release date TBD):

7 more days of free roam

More clothes

3 new quests

11 new scenes

Download the game for free, or buy Arena Circus Golden and get extra content and the full guide here! People who purchase Arena Circus Golden now are getting a discount. AC Golden  will be $10 when complete. Detailed information available on the AC golden page.

Social Media, etc:

Follow me on twitter (@CapMinyan) and tumblr for the latest sneak peaks, bonus art, and progress updates!

You can get the soundtrack free here: https://soundcloud.com/user-577383146/sets/arena-circus-soundtrack

I again just want to thank everyone who's followed this and given me your feedback, it means so much to me and has really been motivation to keep going.

Bug fixes in 4.93

  • Fixed a bug that made an Avril scene unviewable
  • Fixed a bug that made Saison scenes play all at once
  • Fixed a bug that made the game continue through unprogrammed scenes

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading the first three chapters of Arena Circus!

Post any bugs here or e-mail me at aferalcircus@gmail.com. I will respond as soon as possible! If you'd like to support harlevin studios, consider becoming a patron (https://www.patreon.com/harlevin), or purchasing Arena Circus Golden (https://harlevin.itch.io/acgolden), which comes with a walkthrough and bonus content!

When adding an outfit pack to Arena Circus, just drag the rpa file into the game folder.

Mac users will right click on the Arena Circus game, click show package contents, then follow the folders in this order:

Contents > Resources > outrun > game


Arena Circus Guide (Sample) 8 MB
ArenaCircus-4.93-mac.zip 257 MB
ArenaCircus-4.93-pc.zip 272 MB

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