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Arena Circus

A disowned prince and a sickly human who got a second chance at life rebel against a corrupt monarchy. · By minyan


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Beta update, HERE!!🎉
This month’s public patreon post: Hello guys! BIG UPDATE TIME! The Arena Circus chapter 4 beta has just received a new update! Do you know what this means...
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Circus Summary 9/14
Hello guys! Quick update this time. The next beta update will be released either today or tomorrow!! The scenes might seem a little sparse but they’ll fill in...
Livestream Poll!
I'm opening up this next livestream to the public! Vote here for a good day: This one is special because I'll be taking...
Bug Fix
Hey guys, fixed a bug that could stop players starting from the beginning from shopping or advancing past day 2.
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Circus Summary 9/7
hey guys! I’m out of town this weekend but wanted to keep you posted . The next update is super close to being done! I just have two more scenes to program, a...
Twisted Kickstarter!
Okay folks here we go! The Twisted kickstarter is up and running. Haven't heard of Twisted? Twisted is the new visual novel I'm creating with my other developme...
Circus Summary 8/31
Okay, lots to report! I’ve started programming the scenes, adding the sprites, expressions, etc! I’ve completed 5 out of 15, and I’m hoping I can get the...
Circus Summary 8/26
Sorry this week's update is late! As you probably noticed, I've been a little preoccupied getting Twisted up and running. But that doesn't mean I haven't been w...
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