AC Devlog 11/16 + Poll time!

This is my FIGHT SONG! AC chapter 4 is so close to being done I can taste it. I’m definitely going to finish before the year is up. I want to start programming/testing now, but I might write a few more scenes in the meantime. So without further ado here is what got done last week:


1 new job, featuring variations for Natalia, Fenris, and Santana

1 Lucy/Santana scene

1 Natalia scene

1 Fenris/Leslie scene 


And! And! The composer just finished Aldrich’s song! It is beautiful and wonderful and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. I’m going to see about getting some samples of the songs that have bee n completed so I can post them in a future devlog. 


Programming and testing the current scenes. Some of them have already been programmed and tested, so I don’t think it’ll take long. The biggest thing will be testing the main scenes after the free roam, since I’ve been focusing on getting the free roam done. I’m thinking I’ll do what I did last week again and try to write one more scene a day to tie it all together. So essentially:

4 free roam scenes (you can follow me on twitter @capminyan to vote for which characters you’d like to see scenes of!)

2 more job scenes 

2 CGs (The lineart is compelete, they just need to be colored)


I’m anxious to continue redrawing the sprites, but I probably won’t have time this week, unfortunately. But, I’m hoping to get at least aldrich and lilie done, along with all their outfits, by the end of the year! And that way I can start offering fun new outfit packs to patrons, since that’s been a promise long time coming. 

On that note, question for you guys!

So I will be keeping most of the assets in the free version of Arena Circus the way they are. But since I’m updating the sprites, the clothing needs to be updated to. I want to just get rid of the old sprites and have them in the art book for posterity, and put the new sprites in the free version. But there have been  complaints about the new sprites. I’m not sure I’ll have the capacity to draw outfits for both sets of sprites. So there are two options here.

1. Keep the old sprites in the free version but stop supporting outfit updates for them

2. Put the new sprites in the free version and include outfits as normal (patrons would get additional outfits)

So what would you guys prefer? Comment below with your choice! I’ll probably do a poll on twitter as well.

I don’t want to make three versions of the games because that would just be a lot of hassle. I can’t please everybody, and hopefully those who don’t like the new sprites will warm up to them eventually.  I’ve explained a few times why I’m redoing the sprites, so if you’re curious check out former devlogs. 😊

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I say go ahead and put the new sprites in the free version. Arena Circus is your art piece, so people should let it shine the way you want it to shine. :)