The Pretenders Guild Demo available now

Hey guys so this is the reason I haven't been updating Arena Circus. Once I get this monster out it'll be back to business as usual. I hope you give it a shot (:


The Pretenders Guild Demo (mac) 144 MB
Mar 08, 2018
The Pretenders Guild Demo (pc/linux) 159 MB
Mar 08, 2018

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Excelent demo. God, I can´t wait for the full release. Loved your firts game and loved this, It´s incredible how you do yours games. I am loving this story and that you can change the apperance of the protagonist. I would love if we colud change the name of him, but if we can´t the game will stil be the same masterpiece. So excited for the release =)

Thanks so much for your continued support! I really hope you enjoy the full game.