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So question, whats the neutral ending for Rafael, because i only had 5% with him at the end and i got the same thing i did before.

Rafael has two endings, his "best" ending, and a more neutral ending. The neutral end is the end where he comes back a few years later. To get his best end, you have to have %80 with him by the end of chapter 4!

ooooohhhhhhh ok. Thank you!!!!


I created this account to specifically ask if there was a list of sorts that said the endings and what they were(good,neutral,bad) and if there were any walkthroughs to get each ending. (i like to 100% complete all games XD)

I've started playing and I'm not very far yet, but I'm having A LOT of trouble navigating the game.  I can't click choices at all, I have to use the arrow keys to move from option to option, and it always goes down to the mini menu instead of the third option, so I can never choose it.  It made character creation a problem, as well.  No one else seems to be having this problem though?  I'm going to try downloading it again and see if I just got a bugged version or something.

I'm really sorry about that! I haven't heard of this error before. Please let me know if redownloading doesn't help! In the meantime, I'll see if I can find any issues on my end. Are you playing on windows, linux, or mac?

Thanks for responding so fast! Redownloading didn't help, but my saves were still there so maybe I should try again with a more thorough uninstall... anyway, I'm using the unvoiced linux version.

Hello! I just wanted to ask if you're still having issues. Have you tried launching the game through the app?

I didn't know there was an app lol. But it's fine, I recently had to reinstall Linux and now it seems to be working just fine!  So I guess it was a problem with my distro and not the game!

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Hello! Glad you’re enjoying, and thanks so much for your support! I’m not sure what’s wrong with the link! I’ll check that out. In the meantime, you can use this one:

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hello! i literally just made an account to tell you how amazing this game is!

first of all,the soundtrack is awesome,i usually turn off the music in games but i loved this one so so much!

also,i adore all of the characters,but my favorites definitely have to be Paris and Rafael! my favorite Ash is the male Shika,i would have loved to romance Paris as a Shika just to see how Paris would have reacted to Ash' hands being so sensible,but then again he probably already knew,i'm sure he slept with a Shika before lmao. may i ask if the routes that we weren't able to play now will be playable in the future ? (like Braum's route as a Cubi etc)

my favorite endings are ending 4 and 5,i know that number 4 is Rafael's "bad" ending but i really liked it anyway,i think it's kinda romantic that they still haven't forgotten about each other,idk. 

anyway yeah,i love your game!

Thanks so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed! You're too kind ;u;b 

 I think Rafael's "bad" end is my favorite of his ends as well! 

Unfortunately, I don't have plans to make those routes playable as of now. 

Same I would love Ash Shika with Paris <3



so i was wondering, since "Pretenders Guild" and "Guild Guild" are both voiced, is there any other name that's voiced?


Hello there! Yes, The Lollipop Guild is also a voiced option!

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The voices are just TOP!)) love the actors, cant pick a favorite)))

On the tech side - sometimes Ashes voice (#3) is a lot quieter than the music and every other voice( Even with the sliders in the settings turned to min-max their voices(

And there's no choice anymore to open/give back Braums his note?

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I’m so glad you enjoy! Voice 3 was quieter, I tried to raise the volume on her lines so I’ll go through one more time, I must have missed some! 

As for Braum’s note, if you say you were /weren’t cheating in the beginning, the option doesn’t show up, I believe. Let me know if it still doesn’t show up after picking the other option!

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A, I got it) I tried a Reaver Ash (I guess, Reaver instacheats?), and the option to read the note was there


Yes, Ash as a reaver has less impulse control xD Glad it worked!

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Love this game! Thoroughly enjoying playing it again with this update :D

Did notice some bugs though(Spoilers ahead for those who haven't played yet or aren't up to Chapter 5):

- On the ship, when speaking with the children playing with marbles the wrong audio is played. When the boy asks Ash to teach him, the audio "Thanks Ash!" plays instead and nothing plays when we reach that line.

- In the cabin during the pirate attack, an error pops up: 

File "game/chapter1.rpy", line 1823, in <module>
NameError: name 'guilde_name' is not defined

- Last bug I found was during the attack at camp. I've forgotten the exact moment, but during the bandits' conversation with each other multiple audios are played over one another.

In case it's important, I found these bugs while playing as a male Reaver pursuing Paris.

Oooh, thank you for those bug fixes! I'll snag those asap. c:

I'm glad you enjoyed!

No problem! Thank you for such a good game :D

I love this game. Great work. c:

Thanks for playing!

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Pretenders Guild is brilliant ! :) I were surprised by how polished the story and characters are.  I liked how different background affects dialogue here and there, it encourages me to read through once more, instead of skipping. Rafael is so cuteeee, Braums is cute tooo, now I'm torn between finishing Paris or wait for the update, ahaha xD

Again, nicely done!

Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed! I recommend waiting for the update, Paris' VA did an awesome job!


just finished playing playing paris and braums routes, and loved it. But now i wanted to play rafael route but it doesn´t let me choose him. what do i have to do?

Hello! Thanks so much for playing, I’m glad you enjoyed. Rafael’s route is available as either a cubi or a shika. 

Thank you for the help. Feel kinda dumb for not trying that out before.

No worries! I hope you enjoy. c:

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I love Even more now there is voice acting XD male ash voices Are AWESOME XD suits them,Awesome work on the game and good job voice actors <3! (Well Will be voice acting XD sorry)

I’m so glad you think so! I can’t wait to share the finished product with you guys ^^

Love this game and the art. Music is awesome and the endings are really cute but I'm pretty sad about what happens to Rafael when it isn't his ending you get ;( Still, it's pretty fun hahaha

Thanks! Yeah Rafael was in a bad spot poor thing Dx

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Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! I tried to keep Ash's underlying personality the same even as his background gave him a different world view. 

The day I find fan fiction for this VN will be the day my life is complete xD


I adore this game <3 Favourite route was the Rafael and Shika Ash route. (I love all the routes to bits)


I’m so glad to hear it! Thanks for playing ^^


It was.. well, it was cool)) Hilarious and very interesting)_))))Place this game at Steam and I'll buy it, immediately)


Thank you! I’m hoping to try and put it on steam once all the voices are finished. But no need to buy it, it will remain free ^^

Why not? I want to be fair - you created game, I thank you by buying it. If you'll ask me it's the best option to show affection about game and gratitude towards creators. If you'll see people love your game I think you would want to create another one, wouldn't you?)

Various reasons, but don’t worry, I’ll be making more games! If you’d really like to purchase it you can pay what you want for the unvoiced version here.

Okay) I will.


I just finished my first run of this game and... wow. I did Braums' route and got Ending 6. Is that the best ending I can get in his route?

I believe Ending 2 is Braums' best end! Thanks for playing c:

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OMG this game was... AMAZING ! I don't have words to tell how much I liked it... I was a bit confused by the gameplay at first but I think this way of choosing emotions is really great and original ! And you can really choose how you are feeling ! I choosed male reaver Ash and I first wanted to go to Rafael (the kind of character I love to pursue) but as I couldn't I just went to Paris and, you know, chosing reaver Ash was the best "mistake" I ever made ! I LOVE Paris so much ! And in fact, I really think that his story with Ash is really smooth going, it seems logical, it's well written, all fall into place ! It suits my vision of my character so much that I couldn't help but LOVE it. I think I just would have wanted a bit of a deeper review of their years together when they were children but that's not a big deal, really. 

Anyways, good job, I love your game, I love Paris, and I enjoyed playing that reaver Ash !

I'm glad you warmed up to the gameplay! I was a little worried people wouldn't like it. And I'm glad you ended up liking Paris, too xD yes, I don't talk a lot about their childhood, I probably could have spent a little more time on that. thanks so much for playing!

Don't worry this game is in my top favourite now so it didn't bother me a lot :D

And yeah, this gameplay was amazing ! Feel proud about having this idea ;)

Ps : Looking forward to you new game !


Let me say, this game was ABSOLUTELY fantastic, to the point where I am genuinely surprised that its completely free...Ash, no matter their race is a fucking riot. All of the routes were enjoyable (of course, I always have a soft spot for the literal thinker types cough spock cough) and I didn't see many comments on it, but the soundtrack is absolute fire, the music is completely appropriate and fun for a fantasy setting without being vague generic fantasy noise, and I adore it. It's one of the few VNs that I really wanted to complete every route for, and i did not regret it one bit. Amazing job Minyan.

Thank you so much for the kind comments! Yes, I love spock—I mean, literal thinkers too xD definitely some inspiration from my favorite vulcan. I hope you enjoyed the other routes just as much! I was really worried about the soundtrack because I wouldn't exactly call myself a composer, so I'm happy to hear you enjoyed x3 

Thanks again, this really made my day!


So...I found this game through Mnemonic Devices, and...I may have played it too much. I found it less than 24 hours ago, and I already got all eight endings. ^_^;

Braums was adorable, and by far my favorite. I almost feel bad stealing him from Paris, though, because their romance in the Extras was really cute, too. Still, Braums is mine, and I'm not sharing him! :P

I will also echo someone else's complaint about Ash's anti-vegetarian attitude, being vegetarian myself, but I still really liked the game.

xD Ash has very strong opinions about meat, I'm sorry.

I'm glad you found and played though! I don't think I've met too many people who said Braums was their favorite, so that makes me happy x3 he's my favorite as well. And!! I'm so psyched to hear you played the BraumxParis route, haven't gotten a lot of feedback on that. Thanks for commenting ^^

I just finished Rafael's route and ughh I love this game so much! I played through Paris' route too, and loved it also!

I just want to say, that I loved every second of this VN. I knew it was going to be amazing when I saw the character's creation screen, the races are such a good idea and they're so different and interesting. I can't choose my favourite one, because I felt like all of them were very well done (I've played all three, but didn't finish a route with a Cubi yet). I really liked how Ash looked, too, they are very cute, and I really liked that you included pronouns and both genders, as well as different eye and hair colors. Oh, and the outfits were so pretty. 

I really appreciate the fact that the changes in dialouge, depending on a race, are huge. The story and the world created felt so much more immersive. It also made me want to replay the game immediately, and that rarely happens to me! I liked the way the good choices were shown after making a choice, because that made the whole VN fun to play, I didn't have to be stressed out over not ending up with the ending I wanted.

Also, you have a really great writing style! I was laughing and smiling almost all the time, and I wasn't expecting that haha. The humor is just amazing, and the dialouge seems so natural and unforced. Honestly, this is one of the best writing I've seen in a visual novel, and I play a lot of them lol. And the plot twist with Rafael was really unexpected to me, I just sat there with my mouth open, you really got me good. 

The fact that the whole game was free is just... wow. 


Thank you so much for the nice comment! I'm so flattered to hear you enjoyed the writing so much. I really wanted this to be a more laid-back experience, so hints seemed the way to go. I want to say more but all the compliments have me flustered Dx

Thanks again for the lovely feedback c: 


As a vegetarian I am offended by MC (but actually i just started playing the game and I like it so far)


xD sorry about that. I hope you continued to like it!


Would anyone know how to unlock endings 5 and 7? (also if anyone knows how to get CG 13, 18 and 19? I'm stumped on those too lol)


End 5 is unlocked if you have low rafael points on his route by the end of the game, I believe end 7 is what happens if you have low paris points on his route...those two endings both have CGs, so that's probably where you're missing them. And I think CG 19 is unlocked after viewing the secret route! 

hi I just love love this game so much!! But I'm having trouble with Braums route. I tried his route  as a reaver or shika but it always seems to randomly select Paris as a reaver or Rafael as a shika or cubi. Please help I really would appreciate it. Thank you 

That's bizarre! Can you give me a little more detail about what happens after you click on Braum's route? 

(1 edit)

Well when I try clicking on Bramus it just either clicks on Paris or Rafael when I play as a reaver or shika. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Is it the choices I'm making at the beginning of the story? It's too bad that I can't play his route. Anyway  I already finished with Paris and Rafael T_T

No, the choices at the beginning don’t affect which route you’re on. When playing as a reaver, only Braums and Paris should be highlighted, so it shouldn’t be possible for Rafael to be clicked. How do you know which one the game is clicking on after you choose Braums?

usually the game just clicks on Paris for me when I try to click on Bramus. I tried a couple of times to choose him but still clicks on Paris

I haven't heard anyone else say they have this issue, so I'm not quite sure where to start, but I'll do my best to figure it out in the next update. In the meantime, I'd suggest redownloading the game if you haven't already. Sorry about this!

Some troubleshooting, is this the screen you see when playing as a reaver?and hovering over Braums should look like this:

Then it should go straight to the chapter 1 screen.


I love this game so much! It's wonderful, has lots of choices and custimization. I've done two and a half playthroughs so far!

I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it! Thanks so much for playing ^^

Hey, I really like the game so far, but I have a small request:  Can you make it so the emotion icons pop up what emotion they stand for when you mouse over them? 

In the next update, I've added the tutorial screen to the CGs page so it can be reviewed at a moment's notice. Hopefully that will help!

ahh I'm scared to do the bad endings bc I never like getting them ;_; This VN is so pretty and fun, though!

Yeaaaah I feel you. This game really only has one "bad" ending though, so hopefully that'll make things easier to bear!


I laughed SO much throughout the game - this was fantastically and very humourously written!

Playing Shika is awesome! I'll try the other races eventually - haha

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

The game's cool, I just started playing it like 40 minutes ago. The thing is... Apparently I couldn't choose Paris route? Is it a glitch, did I  do something wrong, or is he the last route to play? Thanks! 

Anyone else decided that playing as a Shika (female) was definitely and interesting choice?


It's not a glitch, Paris can only be romanced by reaver or cubi Ash. You can romance Braums and Paris as a shika!

Excellent game! Now I'm waiting for a sequel that I now realize that I can't say anything about because it's so spoilery, lol

Haha I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing.

I am having trouble figuring out to get last few endings.

Hi there, which endings are you trying to get?

the 3rd ending and the 8th ending also is there a reason the 6 ending has a line through it and also no after story.

Ending three is getting Braums' good ending as a shika. Ending six has two different endings depending on whether you're a reaver or a shika, and there's no after story because that's Braums' bad ending. Ending eight is unlocked after seeing all the extra scenes in the bonus content unlocked after finishing Rafael's route. Hope that helps!



I love everything about this game! I have had so much fun reading through all the routes. All of the guys are wonderfully charming, in their own way. There were parts that had be laughing and blushing in equal measure. And, I love the fact that Ash has a personality of her own. It makes it so much nicer when the MC is an actual person and not some cardboard cutout. 

I'm looking forward to Arena Circus! I went ahead and bought golden. But, I'm going to wait until it's all done before I read it. I'll just get frustrated if I try to read what's available and then have to wait to finish it. :P

Also, one last thing. I'm missing a CG and I have no idea what I may have missed. It's the first CG on page 4. I have all the rest. 

Hmm, that's odd! If you have the other CG on page 4 you should have that one too. I'll look into this! 

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for your support and your comments. I hope you like Arena Circus when it's complete!

Deleted 262 days ago

Not yet, sorry! I plan on finishing all 6 chapters from Lilié's point of view then start on Aldrich's. But, once I finish chapter 6 it shouldn't take me as long since there won't be as much art, and I'm rewriting from a different POV rather than writing all new stuff.

Deleted 262 days ago

I've been following your games for a while now (unknowingly though). It started when I noticed how similar the art styles were between Heartbaked and Arena Circus. Needless to say, I love you and your works. Especially Ellaria, that one's the best so far. I also can't wait to buy the Arena Circus Golden (since i'm under 18 and can't buy things yet). I look forward to more of your works. <3

Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy my future stuff just as much!

Love it.... The only thing is that you're awfully generous for giving away a hardwork like this for free. Thank you so much! Definetely looking forwards for your next ones.

No, thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy the next one just as much :D

Do you have a walkthrough?

I've been thinking about making one! But you can turn on hints to help you get all the points you need for the 'good' endings. c:

I was wondering if it would be alright if I either recorded this or livestreamed it?

Feel free! So long as you link back to this page (:

awesome! I definitly will! let me know if you will want a link to it!

I'd love a link!

Here's the first one! 

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looks super cute, are there H scenes? love me some yaoi :D BUT why does our character still look like a girl if we pick male?? :/


I tried to make Ash fairly androgynous, as it would have been more difficult to draw two completely different characters for CGs rather than just doing a male/female version of the same sprite. So Ash's male version still has the long hair, but has a guy chest, adam's apple, and loses the eyelashes. Sorry he looked too girly for you~ There are a few steamy scenes, but no H scenes

ah yes i only noticed they did look guyish when i saw the sprite's face, game was super cute btw I really enjoyed

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