Progress Update 12/20/22 - Scene teaser, background sketch, Kickstarter rewards!

Hello all! Thank you so much for following Celestial Crowns thus far! 

I have very exciting news! The game is fully cast! I am just waiting on one more person to accept their role, and then I can announce who will be playing who, along with voice clips! This has been a long and slightly stressful process but I'm so glad it's over with and I can't wait to work with everyone. Remember that the game can only be voice acted if we meet our stretch goals, so please help me spread the Celestial Crowns word to get more people excited for the project!

Let's jump into the update.


I’m currently working on Aalam’s route! 🌌 There are about 5,000 words so far and I’m just about to start scene 3. My goal is to write one scene a day until route completion.

Generally, I am for 2000 words per scene, but the second scene got away from me a little bit due to all the options available. No spoilers, but there are two different branches you might be on after starting Aalam's route that come together later on. I'm currently writing the first branch, then I'll have to go back and do the second, so the first third of the route will take a bit longer than the prologue did, since I'm essentially writing the same span of time twice.

Here’s a little sneak peek.This will feature the “spoiled” choice option, and a male Terra.


Terra "And what has your mood so elevated?"

Aalam "I am eager to begin the journey home. Andromeda awaits, and she is beautiful in the fall. You will be pleased."

Terra "I'm sure."

Aalam "Come, I will not have my future [groom] so displeased. What must I do?"

Terra "Get me another drink, please?"

"I only asked for a moment of peace and quiet, but Aalam seems pleased by the simple task regardless."

Aalam "Consider it done, Milav."

Terra "Excuse me?"

Aalam "I thought the good Advisor was exaggerating when he said you were behind in your studies."

Aalam "It is a word in the ancient tongue, it means \"beloved.\""

"I clear my throat, embarrassed that I didn't realize. I have never been very good at learning the second language, it seems to go in one ear and out the other, but Royals are supposed to be fluent."

Terra "Is that appropriate? We hardly know each other."

Aalam "We will know each other better soon enough."

"He gives me a polite nod before stepping away to get the drink, and I sigh." Terra "I thought I'd at least get a few months before having to suffer through pet names."

Celeste "Aw, that's so cute!"

"I jump, turning to see Celeste close behind me."

Terra "Celeste! Were you listening to our conversation?"

Celeste "Of course not. I was making myself available in case you need anything. Until you leave the palace, I am still your personal maid, after all."

"I give her a knowing look, but she just flutters her eyelashes innocently."

Terra "Well then, I {i}need{/i} you to dispose of this glass and find someone to clean up this mess."

Celeste "As you wish!"

"She bows and leaves to follow my orders. Aalam returns shortly after with a fresh goblet of wine, and I accept it with a \"thank you.\""

Aalam "You're very welcome. If you like wine, then you will be pleased by the castle stores in Andromeda. We have an extensive collection, some with over 100 years."

Terra "Fascinating."

Aalam "I see you are a hard man to impress. That is all right, I look forward to many, many attempts."

"I watch him over the rim of my glass as I take another drink."

Terra "Why bother trying to impress me? I've already agreed to marry you. What do you hope to gain?"

Aalam "Your love, of course."

"I nearly laugh out loud."

Terra "With all due respect, I'm sure we can both agree that this is a political marriage. Love has nothing to do with it."

Aalam "Not yet. But that doesn't mean it never will. Why limit ourselves to an existence where we merely tolerate each other? There's no reason not to test our compatibility in areas other than the practical. We might just fall in love."


The Kickstarter is still planned for May, and I am quickly trying to gather all needed assets! 🎨 The currently planned rewards are:

  • Stickers
  • CG pack
  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Keychains
  • And more!

Some rewards I don’t want to start until the routes are complete, as they’ll need the context. That’s why I’m trying to finish at least the rough drafts quick. I hope to complete Aalam’s by the end of January, Sahi’s in February, and Lune’s in March.

But some rewards are in progress now! I’m currently working on the stickers. Terra's will be done first, as she is the Queen (starting with female Terra)!

I haven’t decided if I’ll also be drawing the keychains or if I’ll ask one of the other artists.

Which kickstarter reward are you looking forward to the most?


More backgrounds are in progress! Here’s just a peek at the beautiful sketch Stef has made for the grand hall. 🥰

There are only two more backgrounds planned for the demo (the stables, the garden), BUT since Stef has been working so fast, I think we might be able to get a few more in there. Most likely, the council room, and the town.


Still going at a good pace! I'll be posting up character interviews and the cast list soon!

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Looks good so far. So glad that you're almost done with getting the voice acting stuff together *smiles* As for the kickstarter ... I don't have much in form of funds I can use on stuff that isn't really important (like a doctor's appointment I have tomorrow) but I will look into that in January. It's that I wouldn't help out with that if I could right now, but I need the little money I have left right now for stuff like that. Good luck with the stuff for this though and really excited to see this continue!

Awww that chibi MC is so cute and pretty! I will for sure support the KS when the time comes ♡