Progress Update 12/12/22

Hello all! It's been a while so let's dive into the next update. 


I've been playtesting the demo, and things are looking good! The backgrounds are coming in slowly. I originally estimated 5, but the artist has been working faster than anticipated, so there are already 3 in the game! This means I should be able to add more in before release. 

The stats are working well! I’ve adjusted how they work, slightly. Most choices are linked with a stat. You’ll get one point for that stat each time you pick one of those choices. Some choices require a certain number of stats to unlock the choice, so as you go on, choices will unlock for you. Raising one stat will never lower another, so while you unlock choices, they don’t get locked out. 

There are story-based choices as well, and some choices can only be unlocked by moving the story in certain directions. 

I’ve added tooltips for the quick menu, as well as the stat bar at the bottom. Each planet corresponds with a stat. From left to right: aggressive, practical, witty, impulsive, naive, spoiled, aggressive, strategic, gentle.

All the expressions have been programmed in the game, and the sprites BLINK! They look fabulous, especially against Stef’s gorgeous backgrounds.


The CG artist has completed 2 CGs for the game so far! Here are some sneak peeks. We have one with Terra and Sahi, and Lune’s intro CG! Erupan has really nailed these beauties.




I caught the flu after Thanksgiving and that slowed down my progress, but Aalam’s route is back in session! I plan on writing in the order of: Aalam, Sahi, Lune.

Voice Acting

Voice acting?? What? Yes! One of the Kickstarter goals will be voice acting. Therefore, we are currently looking for the cast. Callbacks were last and this weekend, so the cast will be announced by Christmas! What a great present.

Everyone has sounded amazing so far, it’s going to be a tough decision!


Progress is going great! I can’t wait to share more details about the game with you guys, so stay tuned!

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Glad everything's going well and glad you got over being sick so well (that really really sucks when it happens). Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff mentioned (especially the voice acting later since I feel for me, that really enhances the experience). As for accessibility with the stats for how you described them ... not sure how that will go with the format you described. From what you gave here, it'll be fine probably to just have the stats be given out based off what you do and choose in the game, but not sure on how blind software will deal with any of the rest of it. For the planet thing you mentioned using to tell which stat goes with which kind of attribute, it might be better for us to have it say a choice then say on the same choice part for that option that it goes wwith something (such as choice is "you say this to this character" and then it says strategic after).

Hello, thanks for your input! I can have it say the stat after the choice, like "This is the choice (confident)" or "This is the choice (con)," so it's clear which belongs to which, if that's better? I had it that way originally but I was more using that as a way to call the specific image to the textbox, but the code is already there.

Yeah, that would probably work for screen reader user's for being blind yeah. Thanks for the consideration there *smiles*

Okay great! I'll make sure to update that feature.

Is... is that Sahi hugging MC????? AAAAA 🥰🥰

Great work everyone!!