Side Character Finals

Hello all! The side character  sprites are complete! This marks the completion of all sprites for the game!

Progress Update 


As mentioned above, all the side sprites are complete! This is big because it means that for my part, all art for the game is done. This means I can focus on writing. 

One CG has been completed! Here's a preview.

The BG artist has also started on BG sketches! I can't wait to show you guys the final products. 


I have still been working on the writing as I complete the sprites. I have 19/27 scenes on the second draft for the demo! I think I'll need to do a third pass just to check for grammatical errors, typos, and any continuity issues, but I feel confident the script is well on its way. I hope to complete the editing by the end of November and then start on Aalam's route! I think if there were a "true" order to play the game in, it would be Aalam, Sahi, and Lune, so I'm going to write in this order to keep a good flow.

In my original schedule, I'd hoped to finish one love interest route by the end of March. Now, with any luck, I'm hoping to finish the ENTIRE script by the time the Kickstarter is launched. I'm still keeping my same schedule though, to avoid too much pressure on myself. I need to start planning out and procuring the assets, which will take a lot of time as well, and that takes priority over the route script since only the prologue is in the demo. 


I have some rough drafts of the preference screen complete and programmed into the game. There are a few things that need to be adjusted, and I haven't touched the rest of the screens yet. 

I've tweaked the textbook and quick menu, and created a mini stat screen at the bottom so you can track Terra's personality stats as you go along. The quick menu will feature tooltips with explanations of the buttons as you hover over them.


With the completion of the side sprites, I am officially in Phase 3 of 4. It's so exciting! 

Moving forward, as mentioned above, I'm going to be finishing up editing/polishing the prologue script before starting on Aalam's route.


I'm still well ahead of schedule! Over two months in fact! I hope to keep up this momentum and have something super polished to show off for the Kickstarter launch.

I alluded to it in my earlier post, but you WILL be able to turn the side characters into love interests if stretch goals are met! 

So knowing that, whose route are you most excited for??

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You're so fasssssst!!! Great work! 

I'm most excited for Sahi and Leo, which is kinda cute because they're linked together in the story haha

Oh my gosh!! I hope we meet the stretch goals. I'd love to romance Andrea and Celeste <3