Progress Update 10/20

Hello all! This update will be a short one.

You might have noticed the new banner! Yes, I have finished the start screen!

I'm very happy with how it came out. The text will go on the right. 

Scene Teaser

Twitter voted, and so the next scene teaser is Lune's! For this scene I've used a nonbinary Terra and the "confident" choice option.

Tumblr link:

"After the last of the commoners are gone, Celeste bows to me."

Celeste "I believe that it is just about time for your afternoon tea with Advisor Lemaire, Your Majesty."

Terra "Right."

"I stand, trying to push thoughts of the Andromedan ambassador from my head."

"I lead the way to the study. Normally Celeste would depart around this hour to take her lunch, but she falls into step behind me."

Celeste "That was awfully bold of the ambassador."

"I scoff."

Terra "More than."

Celeste "It's a shame you can't marry him, instead."

Terra "You must be joking. Marry that impertinent man?"

"Celeste giggles, and I roll my eyes."

"We part ways at the door to my study. She opens it for me, and when I step inside, I see Lune is waiting, sitting at the coffee table with the tea set already ready."

Lune "Your Majesty."

Terra "Advisor."

"I can't help but regard him a bit cooly."

Terra "I believe that you owe me a game of chess?"

"Lune sighs."

Lune "Must we really meet like this every day? We spend enough time together on matters of policy, and I have better things to do."

Terra "My father said that one of the most important aspects of ruling is cultivating close relationships with your council."

Lune "Well your father and I still didn't have tea ever day like a gaggle of gossips."

"I take a seat and reach for one of the white pawns on the chess board. He gives another sigh, but when I move my pawn to e4, he responds with e6."

"Lune is much better than me at chess, despite the fact that I'm fairly certain he hates the game. It's not fair."

Terra "You should not be so contradictory, Advisor. First you complain I don't tell you enough, now you complain we talk too much."

"Lune lifts his head to glower at me."

"I move to d4 next, and predictably, he chooses d5."

Terra "What do you think of the Andromedan ambassador?"

Lune "How do you mean?"

Terra "I mean, don't you think he's rather mouthy for an ambassador? He speaks more like a member of the King's council. Did you notice that he was leading those talks the entire time the other day?"

Lune "Not so unusual, on foreign soil. But perhaps in Andromeda the ambassadors are of a higher standing."

"I consider this with a frown and pour myself a cup of tea."

Lune "So then, have you made your choice?"

"Now it is my turn to sigh."

Terra "I still have time."

Lune "Not much. of it."

"He takes my knight, and I purse my lips."

Terra "This is tea time, discussing business is strictly forbidden."

Lune "If not business, then what else have we to discuss? We are not friends, Your Majesty. I am your advisor and you are my Monarch."

Terra "Must you make everything difficult?"

"I set down my teacup a bit too roughly, turning to stare out the window."

Terra "Honestly, sometimes being with you is like getting a tooth pulled."

Lune "I can say the feeling is mutual, Monarch."

Terra "Well you're not allowed to!"

Terra "Now drink your tea and be quiet."

"Lune huffs and leans back in his seat."

Lune "What if I don't want tea?"

Terra "Then no tea for you."

"I pull the teapot closer to me just to be contrary. It bumps into my cup and spills a little tea onto the table, but I don't care."

"I lift the cup and aggressively drink down the remaining liquid as Lune and I sit in stubborn silence, his head turned at what has to be an uncomfortable ninety degree angle so he can stare moodily at the wall."

"I'm sure he's still upset about the council meeting this morning, but so am I. He had no right to speak to me that way."

"Yet, here he is like a proud cat, refusing the olive branch I am attempting to extend."

"I glance at him surreptitiously over the rim of my cup. Lune watches me from the corner of his eye."

"I swiftly look away, setting down my teacup and refilling it."

Lune "..."

Terra "..."

Lune "..."

Terra "..."

Lune "...I will have some tea, then."

Terra "Oh it's too late for that."

Lune "Your Majesty, don't be childish."

Terra "Me childish? Mr. 'What if I don't want tea?''

"Lune presses his hands against his knees, expression disgruntled."

"He watches me drink the entire pot by myself."

"By the last cup, I have had my fill of tea for the rest of the day, but I'm determined to finish it out of spite alone."

Lune "Oh well done, you."

Terra "I'm very proud of myself."

"He presses two fingers from his left hand to his temple."

Lune "...All right. I suppose I can see the benefit of informal gatherings between a Monarch and advisor."

Lune "But can these gatherings not also be in a setting that allows us to be productive?"

Terra "Such as?"

Lune "We could hold them in the council room and complete paperwork while we have our tea."

"I shake my head wearily."

Terra "Tea time is supposed to be relaxing. How am I supposed to relax over paperwork?"

Lune "Your father managed."

"I sip at my tea, staring down at the smooth brown liquid."

Terra "I'm not my father."

Lune "..."

Lune "No, you're not."

"I sigh and wave a hand."

Terra "Right."

"Inevitably, my mind drifts to my father's death."

"It came as such a shock to all of us. His heart had given out, normal enough for his age, I suppose..."

"Yet, I always saw him as some bigger than life, invincible thing. I should know better than anyone that Royals have flaws, limitations, just like normal people."

"I clear my throat, downing the rest of my tea."

"Lune and I finish our game and surprising no one, he wins."

"He seems to take ending our tea time early as a reward for his win, for almost immediately after he says 'checkmate,'' he rises and bows."


I am in the midst of writing scene 20! It is much longer than the other scenes, over double at 5000 words, so it's taken me a bit longer than the rest. But it makes sense that it's longer, as this is the grand ball! You can choose your dance partner and twirl the night away. Unfortunately, Terra's feeling rather stressed, so they might end up having a bit too much to drink...

Here are a few of my favorite lines from the scene with drunk Terra.

Aalam "I did not picture you as such a heavy drinker."

 Terra  "I'm not usually. It must be the effect you have on me."


Terra  "And even worse...King Aalam wants to marry me!"

Lune "How terrible. I'd cry if someone wanted to marry me, too."


Terra "Oh, thank you. I didn't feel much like speaking to him, anyway. Do you know what he said to me?"

 "Sahi rubs my back in a gentle caress, and I lose my train of thought."

Sahi "What did he say?"

Terra  "Hmm? Who?"


I am still in the midst of choosing a background artist, but I've got some lovely art of one of the kingdoms! Introducing the kingdom of Canis.

[BG by UltraDynaMika and Turbo Udon]

I also have a WIP for the character create screen!


Overall things are going smoothly, I'm still plucking away at the prologue and with only 10 scenes left I'm super excited to finish up and get started on polishing!

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Thank you so much for crediting us! ❤️

I love Lune's scene teaser. I can't wait for more! 


I try not to read the sneek peeks because I want to wait till the full game, but I'm so excited 💕 Also I absolutely adore fem!MC in the banner, her expression is very endearing, and the clothes and the braid! I love her!