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Hello everyone! 

I finally put up a (temporary) cover photo, because I realized I was missing out on a lot of views by not having an image. Hopefully more people will now click on the page to check it out and possibly add to a collection.

I love these three boys! I always try to make my love interests really different from one another, but the dynamic between these three is one I'm really digging. As is my number one fan! She likes the characters so much she's started shipping them with each other! And so I wrote a tiny micro fiction for her pleasure. Please enjoy.

[image of twitter thread in above link]

Without further ado, onto relevant stuff!


✨ In Celestial Crowns, each of the three kingdoms worships the planets. This is because Royals are thought to have descended from the heavens, and before they were made kings and queens, they were treated as gods.

I've used the same planets/gods as in Greek/Roman mythology because the game takes place in an alternate version of our universe (if the kingdom names didn't make that clear).

In the game, Terra can learn spellcrafting, and use it a lot or a little depending on the route. All Royals can control all four elements (ice ❄️, fire 🔥, lightning⚡️, earth 🪨) but each one will have an "affinity" that they are the best at. King Aalam's affinity is ice, for example.

Terra's affinity will be chosen based on your choices in the prologue! Each personality facet is tied to a planet, which is then tied to an element. Whichever stats you have the most points in at the end of the prologue will decide both which god you favor, and what your spellcrafting affinity will be.

Confident - Jupiter - lightning Practical - Saturn - ice Witty - Eris - lightning

Impulsive - Venus - earth Naive - Ceres - earth Spoiled - Mercury - fire

Aggressive - Mars - fire Strategic - Neptune - ice Gentle - Uranus - lightning

What will your affinity be?


I do freelance work from time to time, and I was working on the last few chapters of a project that were really eating away my time, so my "scene a day" strategy hasn't been working. BUT that project is done, so it's back to business as usual! I just finished scene 18, the library montage. In which Terra, after learning they are capable of spellcrafting, enlists Sahi's help in doing some research about how to learn this lost art. 



           t  "Does it say how you find your affinity?"

            "Sahi goes back to the book."

            s "It says...that it was usually based on the person's personality."

            t "Hmm..."

            "This is hardly helpful. What does that mean? Angry people are more likely to work with fire? What of earth then?"

            s "I wonder what my affinity would be..."

            t "What would you prefer?"

            s ", I think. I could make a bunch of ice jugs for the people and they'd have fresh water when it melted."

            t "That's...very charitable of you."

            s "People don't get enough water. Can you imagine having an endless supply? I wonder if King Aalam does that for his people."

            t "Hmm, but is spellcrafted water safe to drink?"

            s "What do you mean?"

            t "What if there's...spell cooties in it or something?"

            s "S-spell cooties?"

            t "Maybe if you drink it you turn to ice yourself!"

            s "[mc]! Don't be so scary. Yikes, I'm getting bug bumps."


I'm still looking for a BG artist! I have several artists doing some commissions for me right now as I try to find the right look for the game. So stay tuned for those beauties!


I've started to design the UI for the preferences screen, as that's usually a base for the whole rest of the UI for me. Still in the rough stages, but here's a peek.

What's Next

I'm going to keep pushing on to finish the first draft of the demo! I'm so close I can taste it. After that, I'm going to go back through and do a second draft. There are some scenes that need to be fleshed out, and of course general copyediting that has to be done. I think this first draft is very strong though, and thanks to all the outlining I did I don't anticipate rewrites. After that, I'll be starting on one of the love interest's routes! Right now, I'm thinking I'll be writing Sahi's, as I think that if there were to be a "best" order to play the routes in, it would be Sahi, Aalam, and then Lune. So I'm going to write them in that order, as it will help me flesh out some story details for the overarching plot.

I have also started planning my kickstarter rewards! I told myself if I could get through writing the prologue that I would commit to a Kickstarter, and it looks like I'm gonna get there! 

So, help a Min out? 

1. What kind of rewards would you all like to see? Right now I have a game guide, in-game bonus content, custom hairstyles, and posters. 

2. Do you prefer physical or digital rewards?

3. What stretch goals are you hoping for?

That's it for this devlog everyone, thank you and goodnight!

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1. What kind of rewards would you all like to see? Right now I have a game guide, in-game bonus content, custom hairstyles, and posters. 

CUSTOM HAIRSTYLES! I love fem!MC hairstyle already, but more customization for MC is always welcome!! Also bonus content ofc. 

2. Do you prefer physical or digital rewards? Always digital

3. What stretch goals are you hoping for? Hmm... secret ROs are great, or anything that adds content in-game.