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[picture: Sahi Hamada standing at ease with his sword in his sheathe. Picture text at end of post.]

Dun dun dun dun!

Please give it up for your knight in shining armor, Sahi “I haven’t been in love with you for years nope not me” Hamada. I have never attempted armor like this before and it was a huge challenge, but I really like how it turned out, especially his little boots. Do I think it's the most practical armor? No. Does it look cool? Well, I sure think so. Sahi is a #goodboy and would follow Terra to the ends of the Earth.

Sahi is the general of Laute’s army and has full say over training and all matters surrounding the kingdom’s defense. He was handpicked by the King for the position after showing his skill and ability while in the castle guard. 

Despite this, he is against going to war with Andromeda. He believes that there is always room for peace and does not enjoy fighting unnecessarily. 

He’s not a fan of the arranged marriage option either, and this has absolutely nothing to do with how he feels about Terra, not at all. It is purely because he believes they should marry who they choose, not because they were threatened. His third alternative is to propose lifting the trade ban on Andromeda and creating a new treaty that will allow both kingdoms to prosper. But will the King of Andromeda agree to this?

Wait wait, you must wonder, if you don’t go to war with Andromeda, then how will you get closer to Sahi...🤔

Now I’d like to hear from you! 

🌑 Who do you think would win in a fight, Lune or Sahi?

🌑 How long do you think it takes him to put on that armor?

🌑 What else would you like to know about him?

Leave your answers in the replies!



Pronouns: He/him

Birthplace: Canis

Age: 23

Height: 6′

Description: The youngest general Laute has ever had, Sahi is a fierce warrior and a master tacticion. Though he excels in battle, he has a gentle soul and believes that war with Andromeda is unecessary. He has trained and grown at the castle at the same time as Terra, and they’ve found a kinship in one another. Sahi would much prefer an alternative solution be found than Terra marrying the King.

Likes: Weapons, healthy lifestyle, games

Dislikes: Spoiled people, unnecessary violence, Lune

Talent: Swordplay

Choose Sahi’s route if you like: Pining, awkward bois, friends to lovers, war! Huh!

Progress Update

Still going along smoothly!


Sahi's sprite is done, which leaves the 3rd love interest, and after that all the main sprites will be completed. I'll post an updated schedule sheet, but I'm essentially a week ahead of schedule.


I have found a CG artist! Her art is beautiful and I can't wait to get started. I'm planning for 5 CGs in the demo.

Check out Erupan's art here:



I have decided to partner again with the composer I worked with for Twisted! Orpheo and his partner run Faefield productions, and they are going to bring the world to life with their wonderful music:

@ kijasound 


@orpheofenn (edited)


Writing has commenced! I have completed 2 of 30 scenes for the demo. I've been writing 1 scene a day to keep on track with my schedule and it's bee going well. Here's a peek, Sahi's introduction!:

    "We take the main stairs down and then turn toward the East wing and the door to the training grounds."

    "Unsurprisingly, the General is there."

    "What is surprising is finding him mid duel."

    "I recognize his opponent as one of the newer recruits, a fresh-faced little thing who is constantly hovering around the general."

    "I don't remember his name, but I remember the way the General flushed at the kid's obvious admiration."

    "He's always been too humble for his own good."

    "I wait patiently on the sidelines as they spar, knowing that it will be over soon."

    "The trainee is breathing hard, face flushed with exertion, sword arm shaking with every block and attempted swing."

    "In contrast, the General is in excellent form, all of his movements precise and with purpose."

    "Finally, he disarms him and brings the wooden sword to the trainee's throat."

    leo "I yield!"

    "The harsh expression leaves the General's face and he smiles, lowering his weapon."

    sahi "That was very well done, Leo."

    leo "Aw shucks General, you beat me something good. I'm nowhere near your level."

    sahi "And you don't need to be. Every good warrior starts off as a seed. With nourishment, you will grow."

    leo "You're right, I—"

    leo "Your highness!"

    "General Sahi whips around, apparently startled by my appearance."

    sahi "Your highness! What's got you comin' all the way—I mean, is there anything I can assist you with?"

What's next?

I will be finishing up the 3rd love interest's sprite, and continuing to write! Behind the scenes I'm also putting together schedules and references for my team so that work can begin on other aspects of the game as well. Once I have the 3 main sprites completed I feel like I'll be in a really good spot to start punching out my first draft.

Thanks to everyone who's expressed interest thus far, your likes and comments are super appreciated and give me the motivation to keep on keeping on!

Next devlog will probably be another concept art to final post, this time for Sahi. I'd really like to show how I tweaked his final sprite, because while not perfect, I'm really proud of the armor.

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First of all, really like Sahi's idea. The rivalry between him and Lune is going to be epic and fun too. I can see them working together if they have common interests, but otherwise, they will seriously be at odds I think. The MC will havta find a way to make them work together at times and that sounds like a cool thing for the plot too (as long as there isn't tons of it all the time cause that would not be good for the kingdom lol).

About the fight question ... I don't know. My best prediction is that they're pretty evenly matched. Sahi is a great tactician, but I can totally see Lune using tricks and talking to mess with Sahi and making this a draw. And the best part would be that they would draw and hate it anyway lol. Just sounds fun and slightly awful to watch though too lol.

Can't do anything with the armor here. I do always like a good warrior though so there's that.

What's Sahi's personality like (a bit more detail, you did give some already). What position did he originally have with the guards? I know he's the general now, but if he has something like ... well a cross-specialty (fighting of course for this) maybe have him do that for a bit and his lt. can take over for him for a bit. Like if he's good with training and the army needs new recruits trained quickly, he could step in to help out with that for example in a crisis situation maybe. Just thinking from a tactical point of view here and if I were the king/queen here and there was a crisis with needing more recruits for the guards or with needing to train new people, if my general was good at that fore example, I would use everyone I could for training people.

"How long does it take to put on his armor?" More like how long does it take to take it off 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

And loyal #goodboi knight is my absolute literal favorite trope ever I'm HOOKeD. 

LOL this made me wheeze  xD

(1 edit) (+1)


Deep breaths. Okay. Sorry. But this is everything I want 😭😭💕💕 I'm soooo excited and giddy! He already loves MC at the beginning, he always did I'm not okay this is perfection. And his design???? His expression will be the death of me you can feel the longing 😭😭  Give me a man in armor any time!! Ughh the fact that he's so sweet and awkward and peaceful but could rip you apart is 👌👌 You really went all out with this RO!! 

🌑 Who do you think would win in a fight, Lune or Sahi? Sahi would eviscerate Lune. 

🌑 How long do you think it takes him to put on that armor? He's probably used to do it everyday, so not that long? I never put on armor though, no idea how long it takes... 

🌑 What else would you like to know about him? E V E R Y T H I N G. Edit: Oh! I want to know why does he dislike Lune 👀

Haha! I'm glad you're excited, I definitely love writing Sahi he's such a sweetie <3 

As for why he dislikes Lune, he doesn't like his attitude, or the way he talks to Terra.