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Character Intro

Allow me to introduce the first love interest for Celestial Crowns👑: 

Lune “it’s not like I like you or anything” Lemaire.

Lune is a romance option in the game and is so far a fan favorite. And by that I mean, he is my one fan's favorite character. He's the royal advisor, but he also acts as a spiritual advisor and so I wanted to give his outfit a sort of mystical feel. And of course, I couldn't resist the moon staff. His look was heavily inspired by RPG priests, like the type of thing you'd see in DND. Those little dots on his face are tattoos, and if you'll notice, he has four piercings...that you can see ;D He's also got a belly button piercing and a tongue piercing. 

Lune is Laute’s royal advisor and he has a lot of opinions about how the kingdom should be run. His insights could be the key to keeping Laute afloat after the chaos after the king’s assassination🔪--or they could merely distract Terra from their main goal.

Lune is a bit of a know-it-all, and worked his way up to the advisor position after helping the late king with a few difficult situations while he was working in the court.

When the missive comes from the kingdom of Andromeda threatening war if Terra does not agree to a political marriage, Lune’s first piece of advice is to say yes.

I know what you’re thinking. If Terra marries the king, then how will she ever marry Lune? ... 🤔

I’ve laid out a few tropes that are involved in his route, so if you see a few you like, he might be the one for you!

Now I’m going to ask for some audience participation!

🌑 What do you think of Lune’s design? 

🌑 What do you think his route will be about? 

🌑 What else would you like to know about him?

Leave your answers in the replies!



Pronouns: He/him

Birthplace: Laute

Age: 24

Height: 6′

Description: Laute’s royal advisor for the last five years. He acts as a voice for both the political and spiritual. As a regular fixture at the castle, he and Terra are very used to being around each other.T hat’snot to say he enjoys it. Ever practical, Lune believes that Terra should take up the King of Andromeda’s offer of marriage to strengthen their place in the world and avoid a war.

Likes: Jewelry, lady fingers (the cookie), chess

Dislikes: Impulsiveness, dancing, incompetence

Talent: Knowledge of the gods and goddesses in Laute’s religion.

Choose Lune’s route if you like: Thunder, aloof, slow burn, royal politics.

Progress Update

So as for my overall progress, I am right on track with my schedule. 


Lune is done, and LI2's full sprite is nearly there, it just needs some more tweaks. I plan to finish it by the end of this week.

CGs and Promotional Art

I've been doing some sketching for the game to try and get something to make the itch page prettier! Also trying to think of a title screen, and just get more comfortable drawing these characters. Their designs are still pretty new to me, and by the time the game starts, I want to be able to draw them backward and forwards. I haven't yet decided if I will be making the CGs myself, or if I'll commission them. I'm kind of leaning towards myself, because money, I do not have. But we'll see how the kickstarter goes, and how many CGs I plan on having by the end. As a general rule in my VNS, I always want: an intro CG, a halfway point CG, a kiss CG, and an ending CG. So that's 12 already, plus the CGs I'll need for the intro. Because of the length, I'm imagining there are going to be at least 20 CGs, but probably more because I want to make sure each character has an equal amount. Fair is fair! 


The outline is coming along well, two routes are looking pretty solid to me and all 3 endings feel right, but Lune's route actually, I think that I'll need to workshop a few scenes to make everything flow better.


I have a concept I like for the textbox, kind of this starry background with the gold border thing I have going on here, but it needs a lot of work. I haven't focused too much on the UI just yet because I'm trying to 

What's next?

I am so ready to write this thing. I know that if my outline isn't where I want it to be before I start though, I'll regret it. So I'm putting a lot of thought and time into making the outline perfect, because I write my strongest when I have a rock solid foundation. When writing The Pretenders Guild, I really tripped myself up because I didn't plan out the endings as well as I should have, so I stalled when it came time to get them on paper. 

Hopefully in the following week I can fix up Lune's route and get the outline polished so I can jump into the writing.

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Aaah, I must say he sounds like the most intriguing one for me, at this moment! Not the most obvious choice but a know-it-all tsundere adviser in a position where his advice might go against his heart - what could I want more? The answer - only slow burn could make it more perfect and that we get too! Right up my alley, with the romance between people knowing each other long before the first sparks. So maybe his route will be about that-  in changing circumstances growing and finding themselves  looking at each other with a new appreciation? ( and pining?) And a conflict of interests? Whatever it would be, sounds exciting.

Piercings are a nice touch, questioning his image of a proper spiritual advisor. If he should choose between a person he loved and a kingdom, what would he do? What are his values and the dealbreaker?

Appreciation for the possibility to choose pronouns.

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I'm glad to hear you like Lune! He's been very interesting to plan out so far. 

As for which he'd choose, love or his kingdom:

Lune prides himself on always putting duty first, BUT he's never been in love before, so who knows? Maybe he'd surprise himself ;) 

Lune's got a lot of dealbreakers. He's not the best communicator, he prefers to keep his emotions bottled up rather than expressing them, and his 'honesty' can sound a lot like rudeness.

First of all, can't really say much for the design visually obviously since I'm blind. I can give a bit though based off that brief little thing at the end though. I'm not really into piercings but I don't really have a problem with it here (I won't focus on it since it's not my thing but don't hate it). Nothing else here.

For the route ... Hmm ... maybe he admires yos you and wants to help out with the kingdom (also his job but doing it to help you out too). he was helping your parents in the game, so maybe he developed fondness that way (at least to start anyway). Maybe you get some kind of character points toward him or something (relationship points if you will() for following his advice and doing good things for the kingdom. He could be suggesting the marriage with the other ruler but also maybe want war afterward and you could havta do something with that for the route ... Not saying that's a good thing in general, but could be a route option maybe with him. Say for if you decided to be a more peaceful ruler (no war of course,) or a ruthless tyrant (chaos or evil route or whatever you wanna call that here).

For the last thing ... I wanna know personality for this guy. Other than the basic idea of what kind of things I would expect him to do for helping you with the kingdom management itself, what does he act like and what kind of person is he? a good person or a bad person? someone who thinks good for the kingdom means that he will wanna expand trading and merchant stuff with other kingdoms or close the borders from that? stuff like that.

Thank you for your thoughts! As for Lune's personality, he can come off as kind of cold because he's brutally honest and isn't afraid to tell someone if he thinks they're wrong. He wants Laute to grow in power, which to him means more interaction with the outside kingdoms with trade and such.

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Yeah, he sounds very interesting. glad you're getting things going for this game; some people have writer's block and it's just bad for them and everyone else so glad it's working out. not blaming you if you do have that mind. good luck and can't wait to see what else you come up with as this develops.

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🌑 What do you think of Lune’s design? 

He looks great! I love the outfit and the facial expressions in particular. 

🌑 What do you think his route will be about? 

Lune regretting trying so hard to get MC married off LOL 

🌑 What else would you like to know about him?

According to his description, it seems like he doesn't like MC? Why? Is this a "the late King was better" situation? 

PD: The King who wants to marry MC is the one who intrigues me the most rn 👀

Glad to hear you like his design! More than disliking the MC, he doesn't feel that they're ready to rule.

I've heard a few people say they're excited about him! I look forward to revealing more.