Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule


8/24 Main character concept art (3)

9/4 Draft Outline

9/8 Final sprite (MC)

9/16 Final Sprite (LI 1)

9/23 Final Sprite (LI 2)

10/7 Final Sprite (LI 3)

10/7 Full Outline


10/15 Ch 1 draft

10/30 Side character concept art (1)

11/15 Ch 2 draft

11/30 Side character concept art (2)

12/31 Ch 3 draft 

1/4 Side character concept art (3)


1/31 Ch 1 - 3 edits

3/30 LI 1’s route draft (ch’s 4-7)

3/30 Design and program UI


May 2023 Kickstarter

Hello guys, so this is my tentative schedule for Celestial Crowns, up until a potential demo release. 👑

It might not take me as long as I think, or it might take me way longer. As my outline grows it’s gotten harder for me to estimate the word count, so I’m not sure how long it’ll take. All I can say is I’ll write until it’s done! 🖋

If I can finish the demo around the time I’m planning or have made significant progress, I think I’m going to try a Kickstarter for this game. This will be my second Kickstarter. The first was successful, but this will be my first time going at it alone, so we’ll see how it goes. The Kickstarter will help me afford things like beautiful custom bgs, an OST, and potentially voice acting.

For the demo, I’ll be using commercial-use stock photos and music, but I might have a few things commissioned, like the main theme and a background for the start screen.

I want to get a significant amount of writing done before beginning the Kickstarter, potentially even a draft of the entire game, just to assure myself that I’ll be able to meet all deadlines and deliver when I promise. So May might be the preparation stage and getting my page and assets all pretty.

So that’s something to look forward to! For the time being, I’m just going at my own pace and focusing on finishing. I’ve made small steady progress every day and that’s the most important thing to me. I’ve been having such a blast with this project already, and it’s honestly been a dream after feeling so creatively drained lately.

The first LI sprite is set to be completed next, so I hope you’re feeling the hype 👏👏👏

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Looks good and will keep following progress.