Character Intro - MC (part 1)

Character Intro - MC
Introduction to the main character

Character Intro - MC 🎉

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Here is our MC! The default name is Terra 🌏, but you can name them whatever you choose. You can choose between two body types and three sets of pronouns. 

The MC is a character just as much as the rest of the cast! 💪🏾 The idea is that you can shape different facets of Terra’s personality to shine more or less, creating your own version of them each playthrough.


Celestial Crowns will have 3 romantic routes. There will be a common route, and the choices made in this common route will lead you to one of the love interests.💖

Each love interest has their own story. In each route, you will experience different locations, characters, and of course, romance. When writing visual novels, I generally focus a lot on the plot and overall situation, with romance developing in the background. This time I wanted to challenge myself by cranking up the fluff (and steam) and writing something with romance in the foreground instead.


As mentioned before, there will be optional 18+ scenes in Celestial Crowns. You will be able to turn off the scenes in the settings, and if they are off, the scene will fade to black, with what happened merely implied.

This is also something new for me, because generally having people read even a KISS that I’ve written is a huge embarrassment. BUT I’m going to power through. I want to make a feel good, steamy game with lots of replayablity, and impactful choices that lead to mind blowing endings.

So as I was planning, I determined what sort of romance I wanted each love interest to have. I wanted each to have a unique feel. I won’t give too much away just yet, but in a nutshell some of the tropes I involved are tsundere, arranged marriage, and friends to lovers.

Personality Choices

There are 9 personality facets total, 3 in 3 categories:



Ruling Style

If each choice is tied to a certain facet, it will be represented with an icon and representative text for accessibility purposes. Each love interest will have their own preferences for these facets, liking some more over others. 

Read more about the personality facets in part 2!


Text from image:

Character Intro:

Default Name: Terra

Pronouns: She/her, he/him, They/them

Birthplace: Laute

Age: 21

Height: 5′6′’ / 5′10′’

Description: The ruling monarch of Laute. The sudden assassination of their father has forced them into taking the throne early. The unfortunate circumstances of the succession have tainted what should have been a joyous occassion, and they find themselves in charge of a kingdom thorwn into turmoil. Will they lean on their stalwart general, or stoic adviser to help them through?

Likes: Orchestral music, flowers, chess

Dislikes: Sweets, loss of control, braggarts

Talent: Violin

Celestial Crowns’ choice system is based off of 9 different personality traits. More points in each trait will continue to unlock more choices based on those traits--but choices do not get locked out.

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Looks great! Will definitely continue to follow this until there's something playable to try out. You'll want someone to test out your accessibility features for blind people right? Plus, it looks fun and interesting so excited to see what you come up with anyway.

Couple of questions though:

voice acting planned?

combat planned?

If there's no voice acting, that's fine, just curious. I mention the combat due to a few reasons. As a ruler, you might need to fight your way out of something (or figh tin a war if something like that happens). That being said, there's also political stuff you could do instead or eve diplomacy. There's just so many cool stuff you could put in here and it's very exciting to wait and see what you decided on.

Thanks so much! Having feedback on the accessibility features would be great, thank you! 

I’m tentatively planning a Kickstarter, so depending on the success of that I’d definitely want to do voice acting. 

There will be combat, but more scripted rather than as a gameplay feature. There will be war, diplomacy, and all sorts of royal politics involved for sure!