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Ooooooh minyan!!!!!  Another game!  So exciting!  I have GOT to get my VN on again... took a break for a bit... still doing the VO... and naturally thought about your games.  My heart is in my throat waiting for this.

Hiii! Yes, it's good to be back! Word on the street is I'll be doing paid voice acting for this game if the KS goes I'll def link you to the auditions!


Much thanks!!!  You know you're one of the few where I'd do it for free (ssshhh!) even if the KS is short by a bit.

You're so sweet     

🤗 Audition is up!


ahhhh this looks super cool!!! I'll be following this one for sure owo

Android please???? And download button where?


Its not out yet that's why

ah thanks for answer xixixi


I can only approuve games with ruling Queen! Looking forward to know more about this game fellow dev! 

thanks so much! Really looking forward to Imperial Grace :)

This looks interesting. I'll download it later today and let you know what I think so far.

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thanks so much for your interest! The game is still in development, so no demo just yet. But I will be posting devlogs with my progress! Here is a link to the first one:

Oh, okay then. I thought there was something to download, but that's fine. I did read the dev log already and it sounds pretty good so far. Can't wait till there's something to try out!