Twisted Kickstarter

Okay folks here we go! The Twisted kickstarter is up and running. Haven't heard of Twisted? Twisted is the new visual novel I'm creating with my other development studio, Fablesoft!

Genre: Horror/Fantasy

Endings: 10

About: Twisted is am atmospheric dark fairytale with 2 branching pathways, and tons of choices to make! Get lost in the forest with Sage, and decide how you're going to survive. Ana, the beautiful, pure priestess is there to help you—but the monster is lurking just around the corner.

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Help us make Twisted the best experience it can be!

Here’s a peek at some of the awesome rewards you can get:


Pledging in the first 48 hours will give a 50% discount on the game, so hurry!

You can check out our free demo as well!


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