Mnemonic Devices Trailer

Hey guys! Mnemonic Devices has a trailer available! The trailer was made by our lovely composer and I.


We're in the final testing stages now, won't be too much longer! A couple of days at most. I can't wait to get this out there. I know we've kept everything pretty tight-lipped, so I'd love to hear your guesses about the story and characters!

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WOO! Can't wait! I have absolutely no guesses about anything though. I'm the kind of person who doesn't theorize anything, so I'll be completely surprised when I play the game. I don't even watch trailers (but I'll make an exception here), so that I go into things blind. Anyway, I'm so excited to play this. I've been checking everyday (which I've never done for a game before).

Ahh, thanks so much, I'm so glad you're excited! I hope the game lives up to your expectations.