New AC Golden password!

Hello all! I posted this on patreon but forgot to update it here. There is a NEW password for AC golden, so if you haven't unlocked it already, and for future updates, you'll need the new password. 

I've just updated the file with the new password. Sorry about the delay!


One year anniversary special outfit! 278 kB
Aug 01, 2019
Password.txt 598 bytes
Aug 03, 2019

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With the new game it isn't asking me if I want to put in the arena golden password

Hello there!  As some basic troubleshooting, if you  already unlocked AC golden before this, you won’t need to unlock it again until the next update, so the prompt won’t show up.  If that wasn’t the case for you, please email me at and we can work out your issue! 

Hi that's probably the case then, thanks for the quick reply :)