AC Golden Changes

Hello! So there has  been a lot of confusion ever since the AC Golden bundle started. Therefore, I'm going to adjust things. Those who have previously purchased AC Golden will continue to have access to it, but from now on, the AC Golden perks (the extra clothes, epilogues) will be available to all patrons of Harlevin studios ( This page will be for the AC Guide, which will go up in price as more chapters come out, just as AC Golden would have. The guide will feature everything, including AC Golden extras, so those who are not patrons might see things in the guide that they'd be unable to unlock, and I'll add notes for those objects. 

Thank you, and if you have any questions please e-mail me at

To be clear, those who have previously purchased AC Golden will still have access to it. This change only affects those who buy the guide from now on, and new patrons.

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