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wooo let's goooo

sounds very interesting

I gotta say, you've got me excited. I'm ready. ;3


I love the amnesia trope! Especially if it's temporary or they find out about their past. It's just such an interesting way to take a story and has the potential for some great reveals. 

I hope you find this an interesting take on it!

Up-voting just because I appreciate it when people are honest about the stuff they like. While some persons who don't like certain tropes probably have fair reason to (plenty of exposure to the trope), the more controlling of these persons forget that people come from different vantage points, have different and valid tastes, and that the persons who dislike a trope may have been surprised by how the trope was used once upon a time. (I'm not referring to anyone on this page, it's just something I notice elsewhere.)

Eh, sadly I may need to pass on this one - amnesia is one of my pet peeves in fiction, unless treated in some specific ways. But good luck with the project non the less!

Haha that's okay, I get that xD Thanks for giving the page a look anyway! Although I will say the amnesia, while a big part of the game, has some unique origins! It's not quite what it seems c; 

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